Received: 10th September 2022; Revised: 15th November 2022, 23rd December 2022, 28th December 2022; Accepted: 09th January 2023


  • Ümmü Saliha Eken İnan Assistant Professor, Vocational School of Social Sciences, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey




Digital Marketing, Bibliometric Analysis, TR Index, Marketing Literature


It has been concluded that a new transformation in marketing is inevitable, especially during the pandemic period, with the complete disappearance of the traditional customer experience. It has been concluded that a new transformation in marketing is inevitable with the complete disappearance of the traditional customer experience during the pandemic period. The result obtained in this process is the trend from Marketing 4.0 to Marketing 5.0 at the point reached in the digitization of marketing activities. In this context, the aim of the research is to determine the change that started with the digitalization phenomenon in the marketing literature, especially in digital marketing. For this purpose, the marketing literature has been examined by bibliometric analysis method by searching the concept of digital marketing in the journals scanned in TR index in Türkiye since 2000. Thus, 164 articles were included in the analysis. In the studies included in the research; The number of authors, the institutions that the authors are affiliated with, the language used in the studies, the number of articles per publication year, the rate of the magazine with the highest number of publications in the field and the concept of digital marketing together or separately in the title were examined. Material scanning technique was used in data collection.  It is thought that the study will contribute to the literature in terms of identifying developments in digital marketing studies and guiding future studies.


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