Received: 26th September 2023; Revised: 24th November 2023, 07th December 2023; Accepted: 10th December 2023


  • Ümmü Saliha Eken İnan Assistant Professor, Vocational School of Social Sciences, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey


Green Marketing, Sustainable Development, Marketing Communication, Marketing


In today's conditions, where problems such as climate change, environmental destruction, shrinkage of living spaces, increase in poverty, deprivation of life in a quality and healthy environment, decrease in responsible production and consumption opportunities are highly discussed; The global development goals set by the United Nations need to be implemented urgently. In line with these purposes, businesses in different sectors set and implement targets. Likewise, responsible consumers follow these steps in the products they prefer. In this context, the aim of the research is; The aim of this study is to examine a project implemented by a business operating in the financial sector as a sustainable preferences program and to analyze the objectives and purposes of the construction loan STEP program with 17 steps determined by the United Nations in the sustainable development goals. As a result of the research, it has been concluded that the principles stated in 17 steps as Turkey's Sustainable Development Goals fully overlap with 13 purposes in terms of messages examined in the context of marketing communication, and 4 purposes implicitly overlap.


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